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Free eye exams for persons in vulnerable situations, as well as eyeglasses for those that were found to need them.

The Frank & Jesse Devlyn Vision Days event took place on October 7 and 8 at Corporativo Devlyn.

This joint initiative of the Devlyn Foundation, Fondo Unido Rotario México (FURMEX) and the Organizations Steering Group of The American Society of Mexico, with the great collaboration of the Frank Devlyn lnternational Rotary Club.

Jessica Devlyn, President of Fundación Devlyn, Reiner Jahn, President of FURMEX and Pamela Vargas, AMSOC’s Social Responsibility Manager, personally welcomed many of the close to 400 beneficiaries from Special Olympics, YMCA, Fundación John Langdon Down and six other organizations of the Steering Group’s network

Cristian Cortez and representatives of the mentioned organizations were also present, helping with logistics and coordination.

The program was formally launched by Jessica, Reiner and myself at a ceremony that took place on September 20 at the same venue.

The recipients of the exams, as well as the Organizations that participated, were extremely grateful. And we were thrilled to be able to help so many people improve their eyesight and thus their quality of life.

Due to the great success of this initiative, it will be periodically repeated and expanded